A Wee Scottish Lass

“Blimey that is pure dead brilliant” she will whisper as the last hem is finished. Of course, she has an accent since she was born in Kilbowie Clydebank Scottland, October 29th 1959.  Here is a dictionary to Scottish slang in case you miss half of what she says.
Isn’t she pretty? Not bad for such an old (ahem) middle aged girl!   Not old, merely EXPERIENCED. She’s running smoothly and ready to go home with a new friend.
Singer 185K with original case and foot pedal in great working order. These vintage machines are not only charming to look at, they are study workhorses with all metal working parts. Nothing plastic or electronic to go haywire. We’ve discovered a bit of latent mechanical talent and LOVE fiddling with old machines to get them to go again. Contact us if you are interested in adopting her!

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