Vintage Paintings

Although modern design is very appealing to me, I like to mix it up. Adding old things give patina to a home, makes it look like it was done over time and not just purchased one weekend at the Crate & Barrel upholstery sale.  When I visit flea markets and thrift stores, I keep my eyes open for little paintings. I prefer local landscapes, done in the mid-50’s. There were quite a lot of people trying their hand at painting in that period, and one can find hideously bad as well as charmingly naive work for little cash. A little damage is not a problem, and sometimes I just take them out of their dusty frames. I purchased the one above at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, decades ago. I love the lime colors in it! 
This one has wonderful contrast and is clearly higher quality than most.
An entire collection of sunset pictures would be smashing, wouldn’t it? 
Picture them all clustered together in a dining room.
Vintage original oil painting of Taos mountain
I love big sky pictures like this one above. These are like windows.  
To help a collection “go” together, choose a theme or location. Or try to use a similar color scheme throughout the grouping. Perhaps pick a series that all have strong sky colors.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Paintings”

  1. so do you keep the crummy, cheap frames around 'em? cuz, the landscapes in all those look really nice – it's the frame that's yucky. or, does that add to the charm (is my decorating greenness showing?)…..

  2. Sometimes I get rid of the icky frames. Or paint them. Sometimes the frame character. For example, I like the bottom frame. It's warm, and generally nice and clean looking.
    The room sometimes demands a finish leaning a certain way…ok that sounds insane. But it is true. I kind of "weigh" how many pieces in a room are shiny, rough, colored, etc, and determine what is needed to find the balance. (It's just like picking shoes!!)

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