Terrific Textiles

Seen these? Found ’em while searching for pictures of tin trays from Mexico. As  MY searches go, I still don’t have the trays, but I found this awesome fabric!

Otomi textiles, hand embroidered in Mexico. Gorgeous! Can you imagine how long it must take to complete?? (3 weeks to 3 months the website says.) Here are some more:
They are made in lots of different colors, even multi-color.  I have restrained myself and picked some of the more subdued options.  I totally support you going for your favorite color, even if that means hot pink!
These photos were all taken from the inventory of the ebay shop page of the Mexican Indigenous Textile Project.  There is more information there than you will ever need to know! Coverlets, in the 80″ square range, as well as table runners, are available. These would be fabulous grouped with other simple patterns, like stripes, or solids and made into pillows or upholstery. Although traditional and Mexican, they have a very modern look…and feel almost like Finnish Marimekko fabrics.
cool, huh?
What do you think?

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  1. Yes, I found a retailer who had lots of colors, but not pictures of the actual pieces. Plus, this vendor is kind of non-profity. (Not that there is anything wrong with profit…I just usually like a good chunk of it to go to the artists.)

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