Metal Milk Painted Cart in Pink

Milk paint has this wonderful ability to keep you humble… Just when you think you have it mastered, it will jump out and do precisely the opposite of what you expect! The good news is that whatever happens, the colors are delicious. I’ve long wanted to experiment with Old Fashioned Milk Paint on metal and …

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MCM Geometric Dresser

MCM Geometric closeup

(I received products from Old Fashioned Milk Paint in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine. I am super proud to be an Official Blogger and Retailer of OFMP. Feel free to ask me questions about painting your own MCM Geometric dresser or working with OFMP) Sometimes you just don’t know what you are …

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Painted Kilim Table


  I found this little side table recently. Way more traditional that my usual look, but it has a very handhewn quality and the wood is pretty so I got it anyway. I wanted to take away some of the traditional feel, while still revealing some of the wood tones.  The top is formed out …

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Milk Paint Sign

tucson sign Junkyardgoddess OFMP Prana

    (The honest opinions and thoughts below are all mine even though I received compensation in the form of free paint and supplies.  True, I got lots of cool swag but I can’t be bought off quite that easily! I would like to think I can’t be bought at all. If you insist, you …

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