A Shop Mascot?

Of course, we will need one! My husband does not yet agree on this point. But I see her, greeting customers calmly, with a toothy canine smile. A sweet little toy poodle, so we don’t have hair everywhere. (I shed enough!) She probably won’t be as fancy as this one by designer Denise Feidler. But just as book smart! 
Denise makes the most wonderful images out of repurposed book pages. Collections of different dogs, chairs, fashionable accessories and food! These make wonderful gifts, and you are sure to find something that speaks to you as her poodles did to me! 
Love the clever use of a large font for the bow on this pair of shoes. A collection of her framed fashion pieces would make a teen fashionista’s bedroom come to life.

Look how Denise masters the details of this tea pot in such a deceptively simple way. You can feel the bulge of the handle under your hand and imagine the water pouring out of the notched spout, can’t you?
Her background in interior design is most evident in her chair series. A full gamut of styles from Louis to Eames! Perfect for any kind of Riveted home.
For now, you can find them on the artist’s website, (she calls her business paste!)
Look for a selection on Riveted soon!

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  1. i love that art! i have such a weak spot for words printed on the page. the poodle is especially cool. better than the real thing, too. does it poop confetti? 🙂

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