So much has happened, and yet I find myself here again, in the exact spot I was three years ago. I just reread my introduction post Genesis, and find the words could be written today!

I am again here to build Riveted online, in the hopes of germinating a brick and mortar store. The vision hasn’t changed, perhaps just gotten clearer and sharper in the intervening years.   I still see an industrial modern look. “Desert, Modern, Vintage, Industrial”
In the years since my initial post, Pinterest happened. Love it!  Makes it so easy to keep a record (with backlinks) of this we adore. Allowed me to throw out most of my decades old magazine image files. If we do a project together, we can create a board the whole team can add to.
The last two years have been spent managing a non-profit thrift store, so I have lots of hands on retail and management experience.  I am proud of my work there, and discovered I really am a leader and can direct a team and inspire them to work hard, while enjoying the process. But Riveted was pulling at me like an insistent toddler. With the board of directors blessings and support, I set off to pursue my own vision. I will continue to present projects made out of thrift store finds, on the store’s behalf, on Tucson’s local morning talk show, The Morning Blend. You will see some of those projects here.

Two years of intense full time work left many home projects undone. I hope to document their completion here as well. (am I the only one without a headboard??) Want interior design guidance project management of your own? Let’s work together!  Perhaps you will let me share your progress here too.

I know there are some broken links in the old posts. If I can re-find the products mentioned, and will re-link them. or we will just find new things to love!Let’s get going!!

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