Thrive in the ’05

Southwest Folklife Alliance

with Julie Ray Creative

City of Tucson’s Thrive in the ’05 initiative through activities designed to mobilize the community. SFA engaged communities through pop-up events and a six-week Community Folklorist Field School.  The booklet is the report that came out of the school’s historical documentation and storytelling process.

  • I created the booklet with InDesign, editing the photos in Photoshop.
  • Because community members wrote their articles, there was very little leeway in editing. Some spreads are extremely tight, or space didn’t occur where it was actually needed. Make it work!
  • SFA’s pop up events used neighborhood maps to engage residents and we created Landmark Stickers for them to place on those maps, as well as using the images on printed maps. Publically available images were not always the best quality so I removed backgrounds to emphazise the good parts of photos, added grain and glow to obscure quality issues, and unify the look of basically Google location photos.