Desert Bloom Brunch

Fundraising event materials

for Pima County Democratic Party

Because covid had compressed the usual timeline, the annual fundraiser needed to be refreshed so it didn’t feel like the same event twice in a year. We reused donated (and beloved) artwork that had been a postcard and billboard in 2020.

  • Instead of yet another program, I suggested we produce a poster with the hopes that people would frame them for their Zoom backgrounds.
  • For nametags, I created a merge document that utilized elements from the poster to “code” the tags. Hummingbirds meant this guest was invited to the VIP post-event. Table and special membership was also merged onto nametags, eliminating table cards and cluing leadership in to who needed special attention.
  • For each event we reuse the same form format, with fresh names that match the theme.


merged name tags in InDesign

InDesign form (tabs with underline leaders)