To meet the future, sometimes you have to go back in time.

I’ve gone back to my roots in graphic design. Back in the day, we did it all by hand. Now we have better tools to make better product. The general public even knows what a “font” is! But better tools still require a good eye to create good design. I can help!

Whether you need a new logo, business card, newsletters or  a website to meet your goals, I can help you focus in on your message. Make sure you are reaching the right clients and telling them what they need to know.

As a small business owner with retail experience, I understand your needs. I have tons of ideas to help save you time and money, and look good doing it!

I have experience with small to medium sized WordPress websites. Online retail, payment,  inventory management and shipping.  I’ve created sites that get a lot of new regular content, and those that remain pretty static. Let’s talk about what YOU really need.

More photos coming very soon!