Kitchen Design

I am currently working with fabulous client and friend M.K. to update her kitchen. In a definitely Santa Fe style home, we don’t want to deviate too far stylistically, while still freshening it up. Major goal is to add more counter space and tons of cabinets. While the standard rustic hickory cabinets and muted granite counters she selected are a resounding upgrade from what is there now, (never, ever go for Mexican tile as a kitchen counter surface…) it still needs a personality boost to match the exuberance of the kitchen’s owners. A basic contractor kitchen is not going to fly here!

We are collecting ideas and planning details now. One item we both fell in love with is a backsplash like this picture. LOVE the varying color and the texture. Yet it isn’t too busy to go with knotty cabinets. The rusticity is perfect in a southwestern home, but the Moroccan shape feels very fresh . We found a version here, though these appear to be a little larger. I expect we will be able to find them locally as well.

mexican tiles

We are thinking about making the peninsula between the kitchen and family room feel like a piece of furniture, by using a painted finish on the cabinets there, adding table legs to support the counter and changing some of the toe kick details on the kitchen side.  Maybe use a darker teal to tie in to the backsplash across the room? Loving the idea of a rustic copper counter here too. These finish changes will add some oomph, and set this part of the kitchen apart.  Keeping an eye out for some interesting light fixtures. Maybe something rustic and authentic turned into a light? We love the idea of something you can’t just order out of a catalog, as she also loves art and antiques.

Considering all the walls fair game, we deemed the short space between pantry and family room the PERFECT spot to display an expanding cookie mold collection. Vintage speculoos cookie molds are make of wood, and dough is pressed into them, then dried before baking. The molds themselves are folk art and come in all kinds of beasts and people designs.  The wall is basically a short one sided hallway, easily left alone and ignored. Adding collection here will be a nice bit of “art” in the space, give some more texture and interest in a close up view.

M.K. is not so enthused about all the impending decisions…light switches, faucets and reveal width OH MY! But she is excited about searching ebay for new cookie molds. The details we come up with now will help make the kitchen truly hers.

Have you added special touches to your space to make it more personal? Tell us about them in the comments section! Or follow me on Pinterest to see what else we come up with for this space!

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