July Obsession

Recently my favorite fabric store acted like it was going out of business. Panic induced shopping spree ensued! The good news is, the store is just moving. The even better news is that I stocked up on some of my favorites, yard dyed stripes.

yarn-dyed-stripes with banner

Can’t tell you when this obsession began, I seem to have always had this problem. Yarn dyed, means the fibers were dyed before weaving.  I love the authenticity you get with ’em. No surface printed personality here…these colors go all the way through to the back side. There is just a permanence to their stripes. They might fade, but they won’t just wear away.

Earlier this summer I spied a basket full of rolled blankets at one of my go-to shops in Southern California. Forgive the blur, I was snapping phone pics on the sly. In my defense it wasn’t so much the blanket-ness of these gauzy cotton stripes I flipped over. It was the potential the fabric had for use as filmy, breezy curtains. This shop wasn’t selling the fabric by the yard. Still can’t find the fabric but I will not give up!!

blankets in basket with banner

The only problem I find with yard dyed stripes is that they can feel a little too preppy or beachy. I don’t want my spaces to feel like a yacht club. (Nothing against yacht clubs, there just aren’t many yachts in the desert.) To remedy this I try to stay away from red and blue or combos like pink and green. Orange and purples and dusty colors feel more Tucson to me.

Do you have a fabric obsession? A textile confession perhaps? Tell us all about it in the comments. Don’t worry, it’s just us here…

2 thoughts on “July Obsession”

  1. Love yarn dyed stripes as well. I might have told you that I am addicted to Hammam towels, I just can’t walk past them without buying at least one. Just bought 2 in Barcelona…

  2. I am casually circling the Turkish towels too. I just want some that don’t look too beachy…concerted Google Search is coming, I can feel it!!

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