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  • How to style a display

    So in my annual fit of post-holiday pickup, I like to take down the holiday decor and leave a surface bare for a little while. Here is a Before shot, of a dresser in our dining room. This is the only place in the house where the original burnt adobe is visible and I LOVE
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  • Make New Pet Toys from Thrift Store Supplies

    Meet Talulah, our newest family member! Like many new dog owners, I am smitten. She is a wonderful companion, and I am always picking up new toys for her to enjoy. Of course, she doesn’t care what the toys are like, she would be happy with an old sock! I do not want her to
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  • ReBirth

    So much has happened, and yet I find myself here again, in the exact spot I was three years ago. I just reread my introduction post Genesis, and find the words could be written today! I am again here to build Riveted online, in the hopes of germinating a brick and mortar store. The vision
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  • Make a Statement

    A Statement upholstery piece is always Riveting! black white sofa vintage textile sofa We have some pieces in storage ready for their new clothes. Let us know if you are interested in customizing them to suit your space!

  • A Wee Scottish Lass

    “Blimey that is pure dead brilliant” she will whisper as the last hem is finished. Of course, she has an accent since she was born in Kilbowie Clydebank Scottland, October 29th 1959.  Here is a dictionary to Scottish slang in case you miss half of what she says. Isn’t she pretty? Not bad for such
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  • Terrific Textiles

    Seen these? Found ’em while searching for pictures of tin trays from Mexico. As  MY searches go, I still don’t have the trays, but I found this awesome fabric! Otomi textiles, hand embroidered in Mexico. Gorgeous! Can you imagine how long it must take to complete?? (3 weeks to 3 months the website says.) Here
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  • Vintage Paintings

    Although modern design is very appealing to me, I like to mix it up. Adding old things give patina to a home, makes it look like it was done over time and not just purchased one weekend at the Crate & Barrel upholstery sale.  When I visit flea markets and thrift stores, I keep my
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  • Looking Glass Lighting

    Certainly not new, but still a favorite, Mercury Glass lamps work well  to bridge styles. They can be modern, or traditional. Glass is sleek, but not hard like a metal would be. Things that have a dual nature always appeal and have more interest. The shade is a great place to play with color and
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