Staring at a blank piece of paper is never easy. Staring at an entirely blank blog is even harder. Where to start? How to set the course?  What is the best way to pour out my brain, my soul, my concept onto a digital blank slate?

As they say about elephants, one bite at a time…

This blog is to be my vision board, with breath. A living, growing dream brought to life. There has always been a boutique in my head. A collection of ideas and designs unique to my point of view and yet part of the times. Perhaps a place you would like to be too. I cannot at this point in my life give birth to this shop in a brick and mortar sort of way, but I can however, give it form in the virtual world.

I shall begin by trying to set the stage. Give you an idea of the looks contained within by snipping pages and products from the interweb in a bulletin board fashion. Whenever possible, I will provide a means for you to purchase these items, either through links to sources or directly through me. Eventually, I hope this will lead to a robust marketplace that will take a physical form.

I hope you will be Riveted with me on this journey.

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