Are feeling frustrated too?

So last weekend I was feeling frustrated.

I share a lot of information and ideas. I support people, even competitors. Being a counselor was my second career option and sometimes it feels like being a designer is just that. A therapist.  I help you figure out what is missing and guide you through the frustrating bits.  But  last weekend, I asked someone else for support and wasn’t getting it. She was standing up for being paid for all her little bits of info. I couldn’t exactly knock her for that, even though it didn’t feel good at the moment.  I resolved in that conversation to stop being so free with my knowledge.

That LITERALLY lasted an hour.

I was wandering through HomeGoods.  A bit of window shopping for mental health… I wandered past a woman setting up vases on a piece of furniture and squinting. A sales associate was handing her more pieces. I could not help myself. “Needs something natural to counteract all that metal…” I muttered as I walked past.   Within minutes I was guiding the customer around the store, pointing out items that would perhaps work and finding out more about her problem. We set up some combinations, talked about function and the rule of three. By then she was asking my rates.

This is just me. I can’t help it.  I *like* to help.  She was happy! Went home with a few different options and a better understanding of what she was trying to do. Now, I am not claiming I can solve your design dilemmas in 15 minutes for free. But if I can help a stranger in a box store be a little more confident, perhaps you can get even better results with an official home or shopping consultation.

Husbands are awesome. Your best friend is opinionated. But often they really don’t have a framework in which to give you a WHY this choice is better at solving your design problem.  (They just like the blue one better.) That is why you are still not sure what you think. I can help.

Clients often have me come out to their home to check out what they are having trouble working out. We talk about what is missing in the arrangement or why this layout is awkward. Then together we devise ways to solve it.  We can go shopping together. You can text me options later. We can create a Pinterest board. Or I can go find it FOR you. (Increasingly I find fewer people that want that, but hey, I am open.) Bigger project are welcome too, but we usually work it out in a similar way. My rates start at about $75 an hour. (at the time of this post)

There are best “design in a vacuum” solutions but those don’t always resonate with YOU. Sure the pricey tray on the table might look fabulous, but the chipped ironstone platter from your grandma is perhaps just as cool, and has meaning to you. THAT might be the best design for you.  Or not.  Maybe you really want to find the best looking option.  I don’t give you guilt trip about buying stuff from me.  I genuinely want to help you find your personal style and feel confident about your choices. That is my superpower and my joy.  Being stingy with my gifts just doesn’t feel good.

So if you see me out shopping, go ahead and ask my opinion! If you are frustrated,  am happy to help!

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