We do have a thing for typography and *bleeps*.

Expect to see many things labeled or graphically exclaimed.
These page markers are fabulous for annotating a book or newspaper before your sweetie gets to it, alleviating the need for ongoing commentary. Available from Bob’s Your Uncle for $10.

Swear Rings, from Wendy Brandes allow you to let your fists do the talking, in the *nicest* way possible. Adjustable sterling silver rings worn on each finger can declare you are having a bad day, while making someone smile. These will be my bad-ass tattoo alternative very soon! Wendy is a former reporter turned jewelry designer with a Pepsodent smile, a  penchant for vintage couture who names many of her designs after historical Uppity Women. Her blog and tweets are worth following.

This from Riveted HQ. Display of elegant, expensive house wine. (From Trader Joe’s) Stainless steel wine holders. (From Ikea) Mounted on the side of cabinets faced with a rusty steel panel.


3 thoughts on “!$%@!!!”

  1. Thanks for the love. "Pepsodent smile" made me laugh out loud. (And weirdly, I was considering whether I should call my dentist to set up an appointment for a cleaning. Clearly a sign from the universe not to delay.)

  2. No, the wine COMES THAT WAY! Yes, I buy bottles based on the labels.

    There is no writing on the front, just the "?"
    Supposedly some kind of mystery mix of wine varietals, but I don't believe them. It's not bad stuff either!

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