August Obsession

I am falling down in the blogging department! But I have a good excuse!

This week I took possession of a vintage travel trailer to make into a a mobile boutique.



Have you seen them? Not too many in Tucson yet, but in other (dare I say, cooler) towns they are pretty common at farmer’s markets and craft fairs.

So I have been living in my head a lot…planning and scheming and researching. Made lots of new online friends in various forums and groups. Lots of opinions out there! As with all things, you do your research, weigh the options, and go with what you think is best.

In pictures, she looks pretty clean. But with these trailers, looks can be deceiving! They are made like poorly constructed little sheds…a few pieces of lightweight wood, some insulation and paneling inside, a skin of aluminum on the outside. I am debating construction of a new hatchback door in the back, so I can load larger things. I am in the process of removing much of the interior cabinetry so that the display will look more store-like.  Have to be careful I don’t destabilize the whole shebang…the cabinets help to hold it together!  Eek!

She needs a paint job. And some kind of air conditioning! I am hoping to do a little here and there, but am afraid that it might be more expedient to just rip her apart all at once. Not sure I am brave enough for that! Stay tuned. I tend to post on Instagram while I am working on her, in case you want to experience the joys and sorrows with me!

The plan is that I will set up with the food trucks periodically. Hopefully a few craft/vintage fairs. Maybe 2nd Saturdays downtown, or outside some businesses with complimentary customer base. (Restaurants? Clothing Stores? Hair and nail salons?) If you know of any business who would like a little outside attention, please let me know!  Also, anyone know anybody who works on vintage trailers in Tucson? I can find RV guys, but do need somebody with an appreciation for vintage stuff.

Ok! I gotta get back to work now!


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